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Get strategic advantage by accessing customized newsfeed relevant to your interest to take early actions

  • Hundreds of news sources: We scrape the national and international news agencies, social media and institutional
  • Customize your feed: Select the asset, news sources and importance level according to your strategy
  • Access to data anywhere: Leverage the cloud dashboard for accessing news on the go
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Understand the market sentiment

Our sentiment indicators and media insight gives a complete picture of how market receives new information before it is reflected in prices

  • Follow event sentiments
  • Get notified when the word spreads
  • Visualize the sentiment timeline
Watch our powerful & interactive charts series Watch our powerful & interactive charts series
Watch our powerful & interactive charts series

Watch our powerful & interactive charts series

Change the way you understand the markets

Our Expertise

We apply our natural language processing and deep learning expertise to financial markets to provide an end to end solution to your strategic needs

Algorithmic Trading

Natural Language Processing

Deep Learning

Our Team

Oğuzhan Mailmail

Cofounder - Data Science & Financial Markets

Barış Nasır

Cofounder - NLP & Deep Learning

Övünç Sezer

Cofounder - Mobile & Web Lead

Uğur Özgen

Data Engineer

Ömer Koşar

Web Development

Berat Yücel

Data Analyst Intern

Ebru Aydoğdu

Data Analyst Intern

Buğra Beydüz

Data Analyst Intern

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